Datz Group Product Promotion

Product item pitch for a new BBQ restaurant coming to downtown St. Pete in the fall of 2017. Designed to target locals with a familiars tone regarding the area that only a local would get (i.e. “The BURG”) But, as a whole there are two unique things that are marketable and can cross all demographic areas. 1) A “BBQ Style” - much like Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Kansas City, St. Louis, etc. Chef Lampe is going to create a BURG style BBQ. So, outside of this area that may be attractive to a group of BBQ lovers who would like to experience the new style of BBQ. 2) The Bourbon trend that has infiltrated quite a few regions around the US has not quite made it to the Tampa Bay area with the same viral intensity. Capitalizing on this can bring another interest besides BBQ to the restaurant. And again, be attractive to a group of Bourbon lovers who would like to experience some different ways bourbon is infused into a COLD BREWED COFFEE. NOTE: The turnaround on this project was 24 hours!

Full Page AD - Concept creative developed is less than a day to promote a new cold brew line of coffee beverages for the Fall launch of Dr. BBQ in downtown
St. Pete. All copy (beverage names, headline, etc. created by Carliart).
Social media post to promote the concept beverage. An abbreviated version of the above full page AD.
10 second video clip "teaser" for social media posts — NOTE: produced in an hour!
Press release announcing the new beverage options

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