Associated Construction Products Branding Campaign
A well established north Tampa commercial construction company (ACP) in the growing Westley Chapel neighborhood needed a refresh on their long established brand. We worked closely with the company owners and staff to ensure a well thought out campaign that would touch all aspects of their marketing and communication.
ACP Identity items — Stationary, business cards, notebooks and folders.
ACP Style Guide"Look Like You Mean Business!".
Our brand style guides are a priceless tool we develop for our clients to ensure  consistency and effective messaging. We outline everything from color formula and logo use to brand typography and photographic style. Our Style Guides also provide links to easy accessible files to brand assets like logos.
ACP Logos — Final versions of ACP rebranded logo. After 8 + versions, we landed on a spectacular final design that everyone was excited about.
ACP Logo versions — Below are just a few of the conceptual designs that didn't make the cut. A lot of work goes into a logo design (and brand) that will withstand scrutiny. 
ACP Apparel — A select few items with the new brand
ACP Social Media — Just getting started with a social media campaign . . .
more great posts to come!
ACP Interior Signage/Brand Messaging
ACP ADs — Conceptual full page ad.
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