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Few advertising specialties can carry your logo, brand name, or promotional message as well as custom tote bags, logoed messenger bags, or personalized travel bags. All are appreciated giveaways at trade shows, conventions, and company meetings.

Custom tote bags are also appropriate as gifts and even contest prizes. And a branded travel bag offered to employees will also identify members of your organization. Some ideas for promotional bags include:

∙ Freebies that double as a carrier for marketing materials at trade shows
∙ Giveaways at your business’s grand opening or anniversary event
∙ Merchandise that you sell in your store or gift shop
∙ Orientation day gifts for new employees
∙ Swag bags at your conference that can hold even more goodies inside
∙ Thank you items for people who donate to a fundraiser
∙ Welcome gifts for new students at a university

All of the above ideas have the same benefit to your organization: People who carry their custom bags with your logo on them will be serving as additional marketing for your brand every time they use this very useful promotional item. Don’t have a logo for your organization yet? We can help with logo design too!

From simple economy totes to heavier-duty travel bags, there’s a solution for every budget. There’s also the option of individualization. Through printing, embroidering, and embossing, we can create a personalized tote bag complete with the recipient’s name.

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