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Thanks to incredible new materials, floor space can become marketing space.

Lead visitors through your space. Promote special messages. Add fun, color, and communicate as you enhance a visitor’s experience. New materials are more durable, more cleanable, and more versatile than ever before.

Custom floor graphics can be used at trade shows or conventions to direct attendees to events, direct them through booths, or provide pertinent information about the function.

Floor decals at grocery stores or other retail locations can inform customers about specials while they wait in line at customer service, the deli, the pharmacy, or the checkout line.

Restaurants or bars can use floor graphics to advertise new menu items, happy hours, events, specials, and more.

Corporate buildings can use floor signage to provide directions to offices or as an opportunity to increase brand awareness.

Businesses that are reopening after COVID-19 shutdowns can use floor graphics for social distancing, showing guests where to stand to maintain a safe distance, or providing them with directional cues to navigate through the building.

Let Allegra help you take advantage of what can be valuable promotional real estate . . . the floor beneath their feet! Contact us today.

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