Our objective in the Rollin' Oats Campaign was to 1) hold true to elements in the original brand so that long standing, loyal customers still recognized the brand that has existed in the area for more that 20 years and 2) create a modern twist and feeling that fit with current treads in their industry and would work across a retail / merchandising scenario.
Responsive Wordpress website design with calendar of events, store brands, web forms, location information, social media integration, daily cafe menu specials, cafe and catering menus and more. All on a CMS platform.
Storefront cafe signage
Pancake Signage — made the repurposed wood sign frame as well ;-)
Wine bottle hang tag for customer appreciation give-away.
The evolution of a brand . . . Creating the Rollin' Oats logo to be half modern and still retain those "bubble letters" from the 80's proved to be a challange.
Store Ad template - Client is able to create their own ad inserting 2 custom headings (top left and right, product headings, copy, barcodes and product image.
Store POP (point of purchase) shelf signage template. Customize heading, offer copy, price, bar code and product image.
Promotional flyer for events. This was an editable PDF that allowed customization for just about every area except the Header and footer.
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