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Social media lets you engage an audience, connect with new people, and influence decision makers. It’s a great way to build ongoing relationships with your existing customers, and find new ones. This marketing channel should not be neglected, because it allows you to engage with your potential and active customers in a space that they are already using on a regular basis. Social media marketing is also beneficial because users who see and like your message will often share it within their network.

Having a presence on social media also helps to build confidence in your brand. A company who has a social media presence with reviews is more trusted than one that has no presence at all, and users are more likely to purchase a product or use a service if they can see that other people have already reviewed it.   

With our social media management programs, you can build your social presence quickly and easily, engage with new customers, and increase valuable website traffic. We will build your social media programs with high-quality design and well-written copy to boost your online presence. You will learn the ins and outs of “promoted posts,” video marketing, and other web marketing concepts, with expert help from Allegra.

Our social media marketing programs include:

  • Facebook advertising — Want to reach a very specific audience? Show up in their newsfeeds with image or video-based sponsored advertisements.

  • LinkedIn advertising — Want to reach specific industry professionals? Let us create image-based sponsored advertisements to appear in their LinkedIn newsfeeds.

  • Video advertising — Have a video that tells your company story? Let’s promote it on YouTube, Google or other platforms.

Ready to find and engage more customers through a social media marketing strategy? Talk to Allegra today to extend your reach.

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